Progressive News Digest – UK Games Expo and SLA Industries

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So, regarding news about SLA Industries it was a bit quiet here at d6ideas over the last few weeks, but not because there were no news to be had. A fact of which I could luckily convince myself with my own eyes (and ears) at UK Games Expo on Friday.

On the miniatures front, the Carrien Guzzler and Delia the Destroyer have of course been released by now as the third and fourth entry into the Progressive range respectively (and we will come round to posting pictures of them – and the SHIVER patrol – as soon as we get our photographer over here (a task we failed at miserably for the past month)). Also, there are now unlimited metal versions of all the Progressive Range miniatures available, as are both resin and metal versions of the SHIVER patrol, all packaged in standard clamshells.

On top of this, there is a first Halloween Jack miniature – in both resin and metal -, wielding his classic chainaxe and with two different (pumpkin-)heads to choose from.

The Progressive Range Pig as well as the Carrien horde (including Alpha Carrien) as a counterpart to the SHIVERs are both still in the works.

The reprint of the 1.1/XS RPG corebook is also still being worked on. Originally, there were hopes to have this ready for the Expo, but unfortunately redoing the book has turned out to be more work than anticipated as – without usable files for printing – a lot of it has to be done essentially from scratch.

More about the status and the plans for the RPG as well as the skirmish game – and perhaps also for Dave Allsop’s variously hinted at “secret project” (my money is on the White Earth book as a dual SLA Industries sourcebook and stand-alone RPG he also talked about in the past) – is to be presented at an open day on August 20, with participation playtests of the CS1 miniatures game, roleplaying sessions, presentation/seminar, and a “factory tour”.

Finally, there are of course the by now familiar additions to the selection of merchandise.

So far for the general updates.

At the Expo, aside of being able to look at a couple of as of yet unseen concept sketches (and of course all the miniatures), I could talk for a bit about the rules for CS1, a playtest version of which should become available within the next few weeks. This will focus on the core mechanics for now and – keeping with the first unit packs – will give us SHIVERs and Carriens as playable factions. Later on, the idea is to package all miniatures with stat/unit cards containing all the information needed to use that miniature in the game.

Stay SLA!

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