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Science-gone-too-far in Shadowrun:

Spareparts Body

This is a variant of the Bag of Organs formative life module from Chromeflesh. When first catching a glimpse of that module’s name, I was immediately expecting it to be meant for the creation of characters who were liberated from a medical cloning facility, where supposedly mindless human bodies are grown to specification for harvesting. Of course, I turned out to be wrong in my expectation, as the module instead focuses on naturally born characters (who nonetheless are meant to be harvested for their organs). So this is my take on a a life module conforming to that original expectation of mine:

Spareparts Body (Formative Years Life Module)
You didn’t have a childhood. It’s not that you forgot about it, it didn’t exist. There just was the steady, controlled growth of a body floating in an amniotic suspension and the stimulation of its developing central nervous system by continuous SimSense signals.

Attributes: Body +1
Qualities: Biocompatibility (bioware), Drug Tolerant, High Pain Tolerance (7), Uneducated, Will to Live (10), Blank Slate or Sensory Overload Syndrome
Special: You may pick 48,000 nuyen worth of bioware.

Maybe a bit on the extreme side, especially with the qualities, but then again, the very concept is one of extremes. (Plus, it lets one of the chief advantages of the life modules fall by the wayside, as it does not provide any of the usual cumulative bonuses to skills.)

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