Progress! – Daruma Productions gives more info on SLA Industries miniatures

Progressive Range TeaserAfter the earlier sneak peek, Daruma Productions today goes into a lot more detail concerning the “Progressive Collection” of 32mm miniatures for SLA Industries. According to their update, the Progressive Range is going to be a

series of monthly releases bringing you Iconic imagery from the SLA Universe in the shape of a very Ltd production run consisting of;
1 x 32mm Highly detailed Resin miniature (Scav stands 37mm high as he is 7ft in game terms)
1 x Exclusive Art Print Tee Shirt – created by Dave Allsop specifically for the Progressive Range.
1 x Scav Data Card Art piece, again created by Dave specially for the Progressive Range.

They go on to say that

– these will come fully packaged and be released monthly, at a retail cost of £25 plus P&P, each month will be different and themed around a Sculpted miniature which encapsulates the Uniqueness that is SLA.
– We will be launching the Progressive Range on 1st October 2015 and each run is strictly limited to 750 copies only.
– Purchasing a Bundle will allow you to “unlock” purchasing up to 2 additional Miniature sculpts each month.
– October begins with the Scav, and we already have Novembers sculpting underway! Any prizes for guessing what it might be?
– This superb Progressive Range Bundle will be available for pre order in the SLA Store very soon and shipping will begin late October, although we may have very small quantities for sale at Shows over the coming weeks.

More to come.

(Including our own thoughts on these news, what they might mean for SLA Industries in general and for our own game.)

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