Astral Lantern – an artifact for Shadowrun

Astral Lantern

This dirty old lantern (not a lamp) possesses strange powers. When lit in the correct ritual, it exerts an irresistable pull on spirits and other astral creatures, which are drawn to it like moths to the proverbial flame.

The one-hour ritual needed to activate the lantern’s effect can be performed by any character with a conjuring skill. It costs 1 point of karma and uses simple magical reagent worth 50¥ per minute of the duration of the effect. The maximum duration is 2 hours.

For the duration, all astral creatures which can see the lantern’s light (which also shines into astral plane), have to move towards the lantern, or, once they reached it, have to remain within 6 meters of the lantern.

The astral lantern can currently be found at a run-down pawn shop, where the burglars who stole it from the previous owner, ignorant of its power, dropped it off.

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