Market Review – 10 SLA Industries subsidiaries

Ten SLA Industries companies/subsidiaries:

  1. AB3
    AB3 is a minor contender on the melee weapons market, producing quality unpowered weapons.
  2. Alloy Works
    Alloy Works specialises in heavy-duty ceramics and has made forays into personal armour design.
  3. Ascastics
    Ascastics provides computer solutions to biological problems, including advanced biometric systems and behavioural simulation software.
  4. B/R Fusion Tech
    Blue/Red Fusion Tech is the energy weapons division of Blue/Red. With the swing towards kinetic and melee weaponry it is basically a shell.
  5. BAS
    Barrow Aerospace is a producer of aircraft and avionic systems.
  6. BSB
    BSB is a small, low-cost biogenetic design house from Orienta.
  7. CAZ
    CAZ designs and builds advanced lighter-than-air vessels.
  8. Conrad
    Conrad is a New Prussian gunsmith firm with a millennium long tradition of quality and reliability.
  9. dada
    The Ebon fashion designers at dada focus on bringing the unique science-friction materials used in the creation of Ebb devices to the world of high fashion.
  10. Dropman & Zuse Lab
    Dropman & Zuse Lab is a healthcare company specialising in the therapeutic field of ophthalmology.

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