Unknown Mobile Suit – 10 Stress Checks: Violence

Unknown Armies’ stress system was one of our main reasons for using it as the base of a Gundam adaption. The multi-dimensional stress works wonders for the type of anti-war story we envisioned. And while the stress rules themselves thus remained unchanged, we did come up with additional sets of sample stress checks for the different meters.

Sample violence checks:

  1. Get shot with heavy weapons in an MS.
  2. Destroy an enemy vehicle of MS.
  3. Watch as bodies get thrown from a wreck.
  4. Hose down a convoi from ambush.
  5. Use an MS to perform a melee attack against infantry.
  6. Be present for the systematic implementation of a scorced earth policy on a massive scale.
  7. Witness nuclear weapons getting deployed against an individual military target.
  8. Deploy a weapon of mass destruction against a military target.
  9. Deliberately destroy the life support systems of a space colony.
  10. Knowingly deploy weapons of mass destruction against a helpless civilian target.

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