Play, comrade! – 10 Campaigns for The Red Star


  1. The Red Deterrent
    As relationships between the Lands of the Red Star and the West deteriorate, a deep sleeper agent who has wormed her way into the military-sorcery complex of the WTA gets reactived. The plan: To use her access to Western satellite sorcery-relays to attack the very heart of the WTA with transformation protocols. Playable either from the Western perspective, trying to stop the plot and uncover the sleeper, or as a Kommissariat group, either with the sleeper herself as a player character or using just her contacts and supporting cell with herself as a dark horse of questionable loyality.
  2. Ancient Treasures
    An investigative horror campaign against eldritch evils, using the partitioned City of the Bear as the main location with both the contents of its museums and its own secrets. Western spies and interaction with the authorities and subversive elements of the Red client state and later on the beginning signs of the disintegration of the internationalist block constitute additional dimensions and complications. Travelling to dig sites and crime scenes across the globe provides some change of tapestry.
  3. Vampire: Requiem for Al’Istaan
    Standard war of Al’Istaan campaign, using a Vampire helicopter as the player’s vehicle for a twist. This opens up a perspective midway between the directness of a ground troops campaign and the distanced bird’s eye view of a skyship campaign. On the rules side it gives players access to the vehicle combat and modification aspects of the game, without overburdening them with the flood of options and sheer size of conflicts (and modifiers) which come attached to a skyship.
  4. Go West
    Former member of the Red Fleet, now making a living as syndicate soldiers in the WTA. If I am honest, this concept owes its existence to the mental image of two gangsters opening the trunk of their car and taking out not guns but hooks.
  5. Hot War
    One of the standard what if scenarios, adapted to The Red Star. Hot war between the WTA and the URRS. Of course this would work with any of the usual military campaign formats (whether it’s infantry, krawl crew, skyship officers, special forces or fighter pilots), but personally I would go for an episodic format with changing focus and characters (though these might be revisited in later episodes – if they survive their first outing). The first episode would put the characters at the very flashpoint that sees the world descend into war – with the characters’ fingers on the trigger.
  6. Holidays in the Jade Kingdom
    Red “military advisors” during the Jade Kingdom war, played at first as a straight special forces campaign but then introducing more and more supernatural elements in the form of the living jungle. Defoliation would also take on a more spiritual note and the final confrontation would probably involve a WTA ghost agent (Agent Blue?) in his efforts to kill the jungle.
  7. Red Fleet, Dark Continent
    A foreign aid and civil war campaign in a recently decolonized nation. The characters are the Red main agents in the field, coordinating aid to the new internationalist ally. Not only do the have to build a nation and win a civil war, they also have to deal with the political instability and the skeptics at home, and do all this with more than limited resources.
  8. Gratitude is a Disease of Dogs
    A Kommissariat campaign where the spying is just the backdrop for the intrigues and backstabbing within the Reds own ranks, a game about abusing power and the consequences of lies big and small.
  9. The Village on the Borderlands
    A different take on Nokgorka – after the war and as a sandbox. The characters are part of a garrison and can deal with their new area of responsibilities as they see fit. Whether resistance will flare up again will be up to them and their actions, although Gorkan fighters may infilitrate back into the area from outside. Aside from the local inhabitants and their relationships, natural and supernatural encounters and dangers may add yet more elements to keep the characters engaged.
  10. The Great Patriotic War
    With telekinetic entrenching tools.

The Red Star and all related characters are ™ and © Christian Gossett. Used with kind permission.
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The Red Star und alle verwandten Charaktere sind ™ und © Christian Gossett. Verwendet mit freundlicher Genehmigung.
The Red Star Campaign Setting ist © Green Ronin Publishing, LLC.

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