Your partner for a successful operative career.

The BureauCats are a organisation which specializes in understanding and exploiting the bureaucratic structure of SLA Industries. The agency was originally founded by a group of Wraith Raider – hence the name – but nowadays employs members of every species.

The agency premises are cooled down to an environment which allows the Wraith Raider to just wear normal business attire and forces all the other employees to put on cold weather clothing. Only the reception which is usually run by humans features temperatures which can be considered normal for Mort.

You can hire the BureauCats at the start of a BPN to the price of 10% of its total listed reward money, payable up front. In the end, the actual reward of the BPN usually increases when the Cats were hired.

Roll a d10 at the end of a BPN if the BureauCats assisted:

  • 1-2: +0% reward money
  • 3-4: +5% reward money
  • 5-6: +10% reward money
  • 7-8: +15% reward money
  • 9-0: +20% reward money

In addition to to the increased reward money every member of the squad is also awarded with an additional +0.1 SCL increase if the die roll was even

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