Alphabet of Administration – SCL options for SLA Industries

The history of SLA Industries and its rise to universal domination was accompanied by the growth of a bureaucracy of truly nightmarish proportions, with even critical areas of operations succumbing one by one to the quickly metastasing administrative labyrinth.

A single pristinely efficient mechanism remaining unsullied at the core: The Security Clearance Level ladder, the spinal cord of internal organisation of the corporate giant

This came to an end with the reform of the Contract Circuit.

The introduction of the CK designator for the standing SCLs of Contract Killers, designed to lock them out from most security relevant functions, while preserving their status at the same time, the clarity and simplicity of the system was breached from within.

After that, it was only a matter of time until more, equally important exceptions were introduced.

Departments and subdivisions scrambling to get in first with their custom designators, to gain preferential treatment for their concerns cemented within the formal hierarchy.

Managers and bureaucrats looking with new eyes at the formerly rigid structure, seeking and proposing ways of fine tuning, adapting and improving the suddenly malleable system.

And so, the next wave or reorganisation swept in, new SCL designators cascading from the precedent of the Contract Killer, the full flood yet to come.

CMRCompany Militia Reserve – Operative members of the Company Militia Reserves are subject to both the regular SCL hierarchy – with usually no special restrictions or rights – but also to the internal command structure of the Company Militia, the latter superseding SCL in conflicting cases, as long as the SCL of the CMR designated operative is not at least 4 full levels higher than that of the Company Militia personnel issuing commands. As part of their military duties, reservists do have access to arms and equipment restricted to regular operatives.

SStorm – This designator is used by Karma for experimental stormer models, putting them outside the regular advancement scheme with a fixed SCL assigned to them according to their genetic memory and personality programming.

SSSuicide Squad – Operatives with this SCL designator are locked out from non-Black BPNs. Towards application for Black BPNs only, though, their SCL, regardless of actual level, is counted as being equal to 2F.9.

VVasall – Given to the Ebon vasalls of necanthropes exclusively, this designator allows a vasall to access and input information on his master’s behalf, operating as if registered at the necanthrope’s own SCL.

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