DarkNight Remainers – not a step back in SLA Industries

Not yielding an inch to RPGaDay!

Contrary to DarkNight’s standard modus operandi of hit and fade, the rival company’s so called remainers take to the field to be left in place, whether on Warworlds or civilian environments, whether to ambush and hinder responders in the aftermath of attacks, to provide flank security or distraction for other operations, to cover retreats or as a means of broadcast propaganda showing an unyielding resistance. With their missions being close to if not outright suicide in light of the overwhelming forces at the disposal of SLA Industries, remainers are carefully selected and trained by DarkNight and while not receiving any special or better quality arms and equipment, they are deployed with an overabundance of supplies from drugs and ammunition to rations and spare parts to make sure that they can last for as long as they survive.

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