(Blog-Like-a-)Pirate-(a-)Day: The Little Brothers Gang – a pirate for a|state

Day 29: a|state

The Little Brothers Gang
Tacitly supported and financed by certain factions within the Ancient & Honourable Guild of Flugurators, the Little Brothers Gang tends to focus its attention on merchants, transports and ferries operating along stretches of canals and capillaries that could also be served by rail transport, although their loyalty to their unofficial patrons is not nearly strong enough to make this an exclusive list or to refrain from attacking even Guild associated targets when opportunity presents itself. They steer well clear of macrocorp vessels or other well defended – or notoriously vengeful – prey, especially as their own vehicles and weapons tend towards the lower end, their main assets being their local knowledge and their Guild backing which in combination give them both great mobility and allow them to fade away and lie low after even outrageous attacks.

I was almost about to abandon the idea of including an a|state canal pirate when I stumbled over the thought of having the Guild be part of it, that was enough of a City specific theme for me to make it seem worthwhile again.

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