(Blog-Like-a-)Pirate-(a-)Day: The Ducky Uglings – a pirate for SLA Industries

Day 2: SLA Industries

The Ducky Uglings
The Ducky Uglings are a Skin Trade crew operating a number of small transatmospheric craft which they use to conduct raids on space traffic off Malapore. While their main focus is on capturing slaves, which they sell off at intra-company rates to other Skin Tade operations, they similarly deal in captured goods and raw materials, and maintain low profile offices for directly ransoming back people and most notably space vessels captured in their raids.

And there are the ducks.

Hasran’s and my ideas about the Skin Trade (which just might someday see the light of day if we ever come round to finalizing “Skin Trade Empire”) have included some elements of piracy for a long time now.

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