Ad-Blog plus: 18 kg protocol components. – a classified ad for The Red Star

Ad-Blog plus, Day 24:

18 kg protocol components.

Freshly “missing” from a supply depot. The 18 kg consist of 1 APP-V, 1 BCP, 5 CRPs, 2 DSPs, 3 EXPs, 2 JIPs, 2 MAPs, 4 PRSP-As, 5 SRPs, 6 SUP-1s, 1 SUP-4s, and 4 TDPs, the remaining 3.5 kg are broken junk. Alternatively, you could make this a black box buy with contents randomly determined after the hand over. In that case, I would probably use the tabular overview of the URRS protocols by speciality (Table 5-2 on page 89 of the Campaign Setting) together with a d% for simplicities sake, as this will give an increased chance for the more common protocols as they appear under more than one speciality. Just assign a number to each protocol in order with results over 72 representing 0.25 kg of junk.

Blackmarket dealings already feature in The Red Star at several places, so this seemed natural. Very short text, too, but it does say everything.

Creating an in-game-classified ad every day for 31 days:
More explanation
Better explanation (and logos!) (in German)

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