A-Summer-Day-a-Day, Day 23: Day of the Sommer Lich – a summer day for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Day 23: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Day of the Sommer Lich
Summer! Even while still alive, he had hated summer with a passion. “The great doctor has locked himself in again.” Let them fry their pitiful little brains in the sun outside, not him, though! And how they must smell! Even he in the dark of his room broke out in sweat just from turning the next page. “Sommer is smelly, ‘s all.” Laughter.

Stench! He had given up on finding out the nature of the mistake years ago. The mistake that had him decompose. At first, he tried to deny it, but it happened, and there was nothing he could do about it. He managed to slow it down for a while, or so he had convinced himself. But with each passing summer it got worse. His body was bloated with foul gasses. He felt how the sludge of his organs slushed around within him with every little movement. But the worst was the smell. If it had to end, then at least they would get to know him. “In summer, he dare not show is hump, because his house smells like a dump.” Hah!

Doktor Sommer, Lich

M WS BS S T I Ag Dex Int WP Fel W
4 41 25 40 40 60 33 43 89 89 35

Traits: Dark Vision, Fear 2, Hatred Villagers, Infected, Spellcaster (Necromancy), Stench (as Infestation), Transfixing Gaze (as Petrifying Gaze but without turning the target to stone at 6 SL or more), Undead, Extremely Unstable (as Unstable but takes double the amount of damage from instability), Weapon +8

I regret nothing. Especially not the German version of this.

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