Vampire 5th Edition? Vampire: 10 Editions!

10 Dinge zum 10.

  • Vampire: The Royality – even more focus on court intrigue and dynastic succession in a pseudo-feudalistic (or pseudo-absolutist?) vampire society.
  • Vampire: The Meeting – hm. Either we use this similar to the Masquerade as the name for a vampiric tradition or law of some sort, that mandates that vampires have to come together in conclave probably for reasons of control via social pressure or somesuch. Or we take a more business-minded approach and look at a vampire society organised along corporate lines, complete with (board) meetings an all.
  • Vampire: The Typical – the characters are cast as atypical vampires (whatever that means) with the typical as their enemy. Perhaps Atypical is the catchall for any mutations, any non-conformity even and the consevative, rigid, hidebound society of typical vampires tries to rigorously stamp out any such “degenerate deviancy”, unwilling to reform, innovate or even tolerate. May be underlayed with a theme of impending doom (such as the threat from human vampire hunters – or actually dangerous malign “atypicals”) that the inflexible typicals would be unable to see much less defeat.
  • Vampire: The Mark – …of Cain. Done.
  • Vampire: The Disease – that is a bit bland to be honest. Obviously the theme of vampirism as a disease takes centerstage. Allows the appropriate medically inspired permutations. Still, the title is bland.
  • Vampire: The Blinding – are all vampires blind in this one? Or is goind blind a special fear of them? A weakness? Does the sun, fire, or even any bright light blind them? Even more sunglasses at night, bats, and scrabbling claws in the dark.
  • Vampire: The Attack – attack of the vampires? Better make this something the vampires are afraid of. Attack of the humans. Instead of the masquerade as the defensive measure, the awaited offensive is in focus. A more dangerous game, one where any misstep could bring the hammer down. Hard.
  • Vampire: The Produce – a vampire society that talks about humans as “produce”, with all the inhumanity that implies.
  • Vampire: The Voyage – I am thinking of Dracula’s voyage on the Demeter, so travelling vampires? But why? Pilgrimage? Or being unable to remain in one place? For supernatural reasons or simply to avoid locals getting suspicious?
  • Vampire: The Parting – until death do us part.

About the generation: Titles were completed using different random word generators (including the random pointing around in a hardcopy dictionary) and eventually slightly modified as to better fit in with the traditional naming conventions of the World of Darkness. Also, opposed to last time, we kept to Vampire for obvious reasons.

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