Cluster Wasps – a new creature for Earthdawn

Cluster Wasp
These horrific constructs appear to consist of three or more abnormally large wasps or hornets with their legs and thoraces messily fused together, all gnashing pincers and convulsivly stabbing stingers. No longer capable of flight or even much in the way of coordinated movement, they flail about on the ground, sometimes catapulting themselves into the air in uncontrolled, jerky jumps, all the while emitting a constant droning buzz almost reminiscient of namegivers’ screams of rage and pain.

Cluster Wasp
Dexterity: 6
Strength: 1
Toughness: 1
Perception: 7
Willpower: 9
Charisma: 8

Initiative: 7
Number of Attacks: 3
Attack: 10
Damage: Pain, as the nethermancer spell
Death Rating: 9
Wound Threshold: 2
Unconsciousness Rating: 5
Knockdown: Immune
Recovery Tests: 1

Physical Defense: 16
Spell Defense: 18
Social Defense: 11
Armor: 1
Mystic Armor: 9
Combat Movement: 7
Full Movement: 13

Legend Award: 250

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  1. Solider konstruiert (pun not intended) wäre das Ganze unter anderem, wenn Todesschwelle und Konsorten höher angesetzt wären (dafür aber die Widerstandswerte gegebenenfalls niedriger).


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