10 Hardware Magazines for SLA Industries

10 Dinge zum 10.

  • Alien Mechanics, devoted to non-native developments, it provides early glimpses of import technologies, originating with both off-Mort SLA Industries subsidiaries and other sources, and regularly offers room for speculation on potential new and unknown technologies from beyond the World of Progress.
  • Deconstruction, puts a heavy industry and professional engineering slant on the traditionally consumer focused hardware magazine concept by looking at details of manufacture and construction techniques. Its namesake are the full documentations with professional commentary on taking apart featured items in every issue.
  • FF, only recently rebranded from FFFrenzy!!!, FF still maintains its focus on in-depth analysis of product appearances in TV commercials, news and mission footage, while simultaneously aiming for a more mature and sober tone in line with its advancing audience.
  • Hardware, still a mainstain of the hardware magazines market, the eponymous Hardware remains one of Mort’s most influential periodicals for showcasing high calibre products from premium manufacturers and designers.
  • Hr’t’krm, a Shaktar publication mainly dealing in original Shaktar designs as well as other products as applicable to Shaktar and their specific needs and expectations.
  • MAG, has spread somewhat beyond its original niche focus on magnetic accelerator guns and now covers all things magnetic.
  • Panzertraum, presents transportation and protective technologies of all kinds with a special focus on powersuits.
  • Power Injection, dedicated to functional lifestyle choices, it looks for maximum value in the operative equipment it discusses.
  • Reviewer’s Choice, hands control of each issue to another hardware reviewer to feature their own personal choice of products and express their unfiltered opinions on them – not necessarily congruent with the magazine’s or publisher’s opinion.
    (Characters who ‘host’ an issue can expect a flat payout of 1,000c in addition to any bonuses provided by sponsors or manufacturers of featured gear. Normally, a rank of 6 or higher in the reviewer advantage is necessary to be considered for an issue of Reviewer’s Choice.)
  • SLA Equipment Log, it’s back.

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