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Celestine DisclaimerI actually like the new Sisters of Battle codex. Yeah, it is an extremely lazy codex, but at least it works.

The new rules for St. Celestine, Kyrinov and Uriah Jacobus are awesome and I like the idea that every unit has their one special act of faith. The Inquisition was cut and that is a bit tragic, because the only option to play the Inquisition now is to use the codex no one likes..

Well, in fact the only units I really want back are the assassins. The Repentia still aren't that great even though they are kind of playable now. I guess it would be cool if the Repentia were standard units and the assassins filled the second elite slot

However, the only thing which really doesn't work is the way faith points are generated. Not because this is a round based thing now. In fact this is a pretty neat idea. The problem is that the faith points do not scale with the army size.

And here is my suggested fix:
You start off with one generation die and for every full 250 points of points limit you gain one additional generation die (compare with the table). You then roll all dice and for every 4+, you gain a faith point.

For example: In a game with a limit of 1000 points, I would roll 5 generation dice, even if I were to field only 998 points worth of units. On my first turn, I would roll a 6, 5, 3, 3 and a 1; therefore I would have 2 faith points for this turn.
For a 1500 points game you would have 7 dice rolls, which have an expectancy value of 3.5 faith points per round just like the d6 roll you would perform without this house rule.

The difference is that now average results will be more common than extreme results. Note, that with this rule change it is possible that you have no faith points during a turn. This is a very extreme result and should occur rarely with normal point limits.

Another thing: Uriah Jacobus has an ability which would allow you to re-roll the die roll to determine your faith points. In this case, you would re-roll all generation dice.

When mixing Sisters of Battle with other factions in Apocalypse games or similar scenarios, you determine the number of generation dice by using the actual point cost of your Sisters of Battle contingent and not the total point limit.

Points Limit Generation Dice
0 – 249 1
250 – 499 2
500 – 749 3
750 – 999 4
1000 – 1249 5
1250 – 1499 6
1500 – 1749 7
1750 – 1999 8
2000 – 2249 9
+250 +1

Since I am German and I only own the German codex, I might be a bit off with some of the game terms, but I hope it is still clear. I actually haven't play-tested this rule, it would be nice to hear your feedback.

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