10/2 – an Editorial

d6ideas dice3Last week our authors, contributors, editors and generally awesome people of d6ideas listed the top 10 printed roleplaying games they would take to a lonely island and provided a short rationale to why those games in particular.
Since I was at a lacrosse tournament last week, I could only submit the list sans my reasoning. I would like to use today’s editorial to rectify this.

Let me start by saying, that the scenario proposed raises certain questions, mostly why bring roleplaying games to a lonely island in the first place and why make it ten?

Aside from this, the following are my 10 picks for roleplaying books I really enjoy and would bring to a lonely island additionally to anything I need for actual survival.

1. SLA Industries
This game got me really excited for roleplaying games. Prior to SLA Industries I was only familiar with Shadowrun and the German Dark Eye, so SLA Industries was almost shockingly different and showed me the potential roleplaying games can have.
Also, once I am sick of all the tropical fruit and serene calm of my lonely island, I would love nothing more than to dive head first into the dystopian urban horror landscape of Mort.

2. Unknown Armies
Unknown Armies is the roleplaying game Neil Gaiman would have written.

3. Mage: the Ascension, 2n Edition
Mage is the other roleplaying game Neil Gaiman would have written.

4. Nobilis
Wow, in my imagination Neil Gaiman has written plenty of really enjoyable roleplaying games.

5. d20
6. Star Wars d20
As controversial as the following statement might be, I will stay by it: in my mind Star Wars d20 is the best Star Wars roleplaying game.

7. Agone
Shakespearian in nature, the setting reminds me of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comics. Maybe I would even take the original French version in hopes of finally learning the language.

8. Violence
Being sick from all the other games I brought, I imagine this beautiful deconstruction of the genre will serve as nice palate cleanser

9.+10. HERO 6th Edition
HERO is the assembler to GURPS’s C. Whichever game I feel I could have forgotten, HERO allows me to build and play just that.

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