Jenny the Gun versus Ex – a rivalry for a|state

Rival-a-Day, Day 20

Jenny the Gun
In The City, you need to wield a gun to be given respect. Jenny is one of the guns wielded by mapmaker Amper Sands. A high-calibre ghostfighter, Jenny is rarely far from Sands side, unless he has set her sights on some distant target and squeezed the trigger. The knifefighting artist has taken to her nickname and its implications of respect and deadliness, and implying that it is some sort of joke is not something one wishes to do to Jenny’s face.

Recently, Sands has acquired a second ghostfighter bodyguard. Ex, an ex-mikefighter pilot for an unknown macrocorp, may be lacking Jenny’s experience and finely honed skill when it comes to bladework, but certainly is not one step behind her when it comes to combat experience and cold blooded killing. He makes up for his deficiencies with the reaction enhancing biomodifications forced upon his developing nervous system by his macrocorp masters in his pilot days. Through Amper Sands, the fifteen year old veteran has not only found a new lease on llife as a ghostfighter, but it is also only through Sands that he gets to keeps this new life after calling his new colleague Jenny the Pun.

I wanted to do a|state. And I realised, that for whatever reason we never did a|state on d6ideas before. Why is that?


  1. Oh, a/state, cool. Dazu lese ich gern mehr, falls du weitere Artikel im Kopf hast.


    1. Bei denen muss ich dann allerdings erst einmal in mich gehen, ob ich noch einmal mit der Übersetzung kämpfen will…


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