I Just Want to be Loved by You

There is being stalked by a psychotic murder cyborg, which wants to skin you so that it can wear your skin and become a real boy, and then there is being stalked by a psychotic murder cyborg, which wants to skin other people so that it can wear their skin because it wants to look beautiful for you.


“Trixie” (Tactical Reconnaissance & Infiltration, eXperimental) is a manchine obsessing about love and being loved. She believes that if only she managed to have a successful romantic relationship, everything else would just fall into place and she could be a real human. Her ideas about what makes a romantic relationship (much less a successful one) are severly limited, though, pieced together as they are from various media snippets and her own oservations. In particular, she does not even so much as recognise that the chosen target of her affections may have their own opinion about things.

Even more so than a lot of other manchines, Trixie is extremely self conscious about her looks and the condition of her covering. She is constantly trying to refresh and maintain the skin and flesh she uses to replace her original biogenetic sheathing. In this, she takes special care to appear beautiful and attractive to her chosen. While she has developed impressive skills in this regard, the halflife of her bloodsoaked cosmetic efforts remains limited.

Trixie follows the rules of a standard manchine.

She possesses the following additional skills:

Disguise 7
High Fashion 3
Persuasion 2
Seduction 4

A date with Trixie, knowing what she is: 2 AS, 3 PS
Discovering what she is during a date: 3 AS, 1 PS
Discovering what she is in an intimate situation: 4 AS
Discovering what she is after an intimate situation: 6 PS

Attempted intercourse with Trixie leads to high impact violence regardless of who initiated the attempt. – Her frame is not really equipped for it and being reminded of the fact sends her into a psychotic rage.

Using Trixie
Trixie and her activities can of course be the focus of a BPN (ranging from White to investigate her murders, Yellow to recover her, to Silver or Grey to provide personal protection to the latest target of her obsession) or a Hunter Sheet, or come up as a complication during another case (e.g., when the Operatives stumble upon their target in bed with a manchine). Alternatively, Trixie could start to obsess over a person close to one of the Operatives – or one of the Operatives themselves – or plan to acquire their skin.

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