“Love Your Enemy” Reviews’ Week – Part 4:WFRP

We hate reviews. And the people in the Warhammer Old World, they hate reviewers, too…

The Critic (Career)

The praise of his peers is the artist’s and poet’s greatest delight.
The lowly critic is the person expected to sing that praise… or else!
No matter whether he is a paid little toady or a bitter failed author, no matter whether he sees himself as a literary bridge troll or an honest gatekeeper of the arts, he is bound to lead a life that is alternately filled with either the madness that is bad writing or the fear of angry patrons.

Critic Advance Scheme
Main Profile
WS BS S T Ag Int WP Fel
+5% +10% +10% +5%
Secondary Profile

Skills: Academic Knowledge(Arts) or Blather, Common Knowledge (The Empire) or Gossip, Perception, Read/Write, Trade (Artist) or Performer (Any) or Consume Alcohol

Talents: Flee!, Schemer or Dealmaker or Linguist, Strong-Minded or Resistance to Poison

Trappings: Unpublished Works, Broken Quill or Black Eye, Writing Kit, Bottle of Cheap Alcohol

Career Entries: Agitator, Scribe, Student, Burgher, Entertainer

Career Exits: Agitator, Charlatan, Outlaw, Peasant, Witch Hunter

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