Alternative Force Organisation Chart for 40k

Alternative Force Organisation Chart

My last experiences with 40k were a bit underwhelming. Usually I see one or two HQ units, three of the one under-priced thing in the Codex and the rest is filled with as many Troops as the points allow.
The Force Organisation Chart (FOC) is pretty much ignorable at this point, but I like the restrictions. When I don’t want any restrictions with my force organisation, I play Apocalypse. So I decided to build a more restrictive FOC that would be similar enough to the old Chart but would bring a greater variety of units to the gaming table.
First thing to mention is that things like Fortifications, Lords of War, the Inquisitorial Detachment and any other strange additional Detachments they introduce work exactly as described in the relevant Rules Supplements. And when your army has at least 2000 points you can bring twice as many.
Now to the things which are different: Primary and Allied Detachments.
The 2000 points double FOC rule is not used for either of those detachments. Also, the Primary Detachment and the Allied Detachment – if it is chosen – must contain at least one HQ and one Troops unit each.
The Primary Detachment is composed out of two parts – the Army Staff and the Companies.
The Army Staff contains you HQ units. You need at least one HQ unit and in total you may pick up to one HQ unit for every 1000 points.
One complete Company contains two Troops, one Elite, one Fast Attack and one Heavy Support. The two Troops are the Core Units and you have to take both of them before any of the other units may be chosen. When the Company is filled completely (i.e. you have picked two Troops plus one each of Elite, Fast Attack and Heavy Support), one additional company is added to the Primary Detachment. There is no limit how many Companies the Primary Detachment may contain, but each additional Company only comes available once the previous Company is filled completely (i.e. you may only pick Troops for your third Company, once both the first and the second Company have two Troops, one Elite, one Fast Attack and one Heavy Support each).
The Allied Detachment works similar to the Primary Detachment.
The Army Staff of the Allied Detachment has to have one HQ unit and you may pick one additional HQ unit when your army has at least 2000 points. The Allied Detachment Army Staff may never contain more than two HQ units.
The Allied Detachment also contains one Company, with the same make up as a Primary Detachment Company. If your army has more than 2000 points and the first Company of the Allied Detachment is filled completely, you may add one additional Company to the Allied Detachment. The Allied Detachment may never contain more than two Companies.

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