Too Hot for Playing – Let’s Read Instead – an editorial

d6ideas dice1The general consensus was that today was too hot for regular roleplaying.

So we ended up collectively playing a gamebook instead.

(The Warhammer 40,000 title “Hive of the Dead” from Games Workshop’s Black Library, in case you were wondering).

One of us reading, one keeping notes, and one doing all the rolling, switching around as soon as the reader went out of steam. Decisions were discussed and voted on.

For me, this isn’t actually far off from regular gaming. In fact, I’d say this falls under the regular gaming label, fair and square, though I am aware, that some people will probably vehemently protest this notion.

In any event, it rekindled my taste for this type of roleplaying (be it considered regular or not), and now has me wondering two things:

What to tackle next? One of the classics (Sorcery! is always first on my list when it comes to that)? Or rather something new (or at least something none of us has played (through) before)?

Are there actually any gamebooks tailored to this kind of treatment? I.e. where the texts are optimised for being read out loud? (Hint: I’d say the texts of Hive of the Dead aren’t.)

Is anyone aware of any such titles?

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