Killing Time – a time jump for SLA Industries

Time Ebb (Temporal Distortion)

Rank 1: Time Slip 1
The target cannot act in the next phase. This ability has a range of 5m. 5 FLUX

Rank 2: Momentum 1
The ebb user receives a free phase in the next round. An ebb user can gain a maximum of one free phase per round from Momentum. 10 FLUX

Rank 3: Time Slip 2
As Time Slip 1. 4 FLUX

Rank 4: Momentum 2
As Momentum 1, but the effect persists for CONC rounds. 10 FLUX

Rank 5: Focused Precognition 1
The ebb user foresees the target’s action in the next phase. The target must be within 1m of the ebb user. 10 FLUX

Rank 6: Time Slip 3
As Time Slip 1. 3 FLUX

Rank 7: Momentum 3
As Momentum 1. The effect now persists for CONC minutes. 15 FLUX

Rank 8: Loop 1
‘Loop Back’ forces the target to repeat its action from its last phase in its next phase. The range of the ability is 10m. 5 FLUX

Rank 9: Focused Precognition 2
As Focused Precognition 1, but with a range of 5m. 10 FLUX

Rank 10: Time Slip 4
As Time Slip 1. Although the range is now 20m. 2 FLUX

Rank 11: Focused Precognition 3
As Focused Precognition 1, range 40m. 5 FLUX

Rank 12: Loop 2
Like Loop 1, ‘Loop Forward’ also forces the target to repeat its last action, but it provides the target with a free phase to do so. 10 FLUX

Rank 13: Antiagathics 1
The ebb user needs to touch the target. The target does not age for the next CONC months. 2 FLUX/year of age

Rank 14: Focused Precognition 4
As Focused Precognition 1. The range is 100m. 5 FLUX

Rank 15: Momentum 4
As Momentum 1. Duration CONC hours. 20 FLUX

Rank 16: Time Slip 5
As Time Slip 1. The range increases to 40m. 1 FLUX

Rank 17: Focused Precognition 5
As Focused Precognition 1, but without range limit. 20 FLUX

Rank 18: Momentum 5
As Momentum 1, but passive. 0 FLUX

Rank 19: Antiagathics 2
The ebb user needs to touch the target. ‘Rejuvenation’ makes the target physically younger. 1 FLUX/year/year of age

Rank 20: Total Recall
The ebb user turns back time by 1 phase for themselves and their immidiate surroundings. 50 FLUX

Free Ability: Deja Vu
The target has the feeling of having met the ebb user before.

Equipment: Distortion Piece
A Distortion Piece looks like a big heavy pocket watch made from har science friction material, connected to the Deathsuit by an umbilical-like cord. The glass over the face of the watch is made from heavily cracked and chipped crystal, making it impossible to get a clear view of the glyphs beneath which always appear distorted. To use the Distortion Piece an ebb user has to hold it in their hand. By using the Distortion Piece, the usual effect delay of one phase after calculating a Time Ebb ability is cancelled. 1500c

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