MAL Shellshock

The Shellshock continues Military Assault Laminates’ foray into the non-powered armour market. Its clamshell design uses heavy ceramic plating to protect the wearer’s body. At 18 kg the Shellshock puts […]


The ShockSuit is a flexible gel-mesh bodysuit, designed to be worn under form-fitting rigid armour. It dissipates the impact energy transmitted through armour and thus prevents the blunt force trauma […]


The ORDER (Ordnance: Explosive Rocket) is a light disposable man-portable anti-armour weapon designed by Military Assault Laminates for use by Nitro Legion and Company Militia forces. The weapon consists of […]

MAL AA-Chassis

A follow-up to the ablative armour enhancement also offered by MAL, the AA-Chassis is a lightly protected but very robust suit of armour with an oversized power-frame. This surplus of […]

Ablative Armour

Military Assault Laminates, producers of the successful Shock Armour and the Sector Ranger’s modular armour systems, continues to push the envelope of powered armour technology with their latest coup: The […]