Kobara CW

Squirt Gun

Once again, Kobara CW show their fangs in a collaboration on a weapons’ design project, this time spitting straight in the competition’s collective faces. While the action of the electrically […]

Acid Breath

Built in Orienta jointly by BSB and Green Dragon, two small biogenetic design houses, with financial backing from Kobara CW, this major implant is aptly if not very creatively named. […]

Spinal Injection Rig

The Spinal Injection Rig takes the outward appearance of a flexible metallic strip attached to the users back. It runs from lower back all the way up to the neck. […]

Red Water

Red Water is a potent coagulant with dose dependent effects making it equally popular for acute treatment in case of traumatic injuries and long-term administration to control chronic diseases such […]

Fluid Flesh

A product of the biogenetic think tanks of Orienta Fluid Flesh is designed to replace massive losses of tissues due to major traumatic injuries. Fluid Flesh takes the form of […]