Heroes Inc.

PSick Sigil

The PSick Sigil is an upgraded version of Heroes Inc.’s standard Sigil implant nanocomputer. It retains the impressive interface functionality of the standard model and adds combat rated intrusion features, […]

Heroes Inc. Guild

Guild armoured coats use several layers of ballistic and impact resistant weaves to provide light, inconspicuous protection to Heroes Inc. security personnel. A Guild coat costs 400D. Game Use: Guild […]

Heroes Inc. SH closed

Heavier, equipped with full face protection and completely sealable, Heroes’ SH closed is the big brother of their open standard helmet armour component. An SH closed costs 550D. Game Use: […]

Heroes Inc. SH open

An unsealed combat helmet procuced by Heroes Inc., the ‘open’ version of the SH is light weight and designed to minimise sensory limitations while maximising protective qualities. An SH open […]

Heroes Inc. Skar

The Skar is a light, one-handed, double-headed combat axe. A central spike allows piercing attacks as well as the more traditional chopping motions. Blades and spike are unpowered but constructed […]

Heroes Inc. Sigil

The Sigil represents the pinnacle of Heroes Inc. computer technology. Each unit is individualised for a single user. It consists of nanite circuitry implanted in one of the user’s hands, […]

Heroes Inc. M-Staff

The M-Staff is a modular weapon and utility system produced by Heroes Inc. for use by special security personnel. At the centre of the system lies a powerful computer core […]

Heroes Inc. Micro Raven

The Micro Raven is a small-calibre submachinegun with an extremely high rate of fire. Due to its compact size and low weight it is employed by Heroes Inc. mainly as […]

Heroes Inc. Elite

Heroes’ Elite fighting glove mounts four short retractable blades that extend forward over the wearer knuckles when he makes a fist. The weapon is unpowered, but the multiple blades and […]

Heroes Inc. Airbrush

The Airbrush heavy support cannon is a man-portable magnetic accelerator cannon for providing heavy firepower to Heroes Inc. security forces and infantry formations. Physically the weapon already looks brutal and […]