Green Systems

Inhaler-port Gasmask

Green Systems have updated their standard corrosion-resistant gasmask design with the incorporation of a sealed port for the application of inhaled pharmaceuticals without removing the mask or compromising its integrity. […]

Protein Cooker

This pocket-size portable stove is sized to receive standard survival and emergency ration protein bars and turn them into something at least reminiscient of a hot meal within less than […]

Environmental Cooling Generator

These units present a less restrictive alternative to the ever present coolant suits forced upon Wraith Raiders in non-arctic environments. The disk shaped generator can be worn strapped to the […]


By incorporating 5000 hour MagHold mounts in a form fitting vest, the MagVest provides a superior tactical load carrying system. The 1.5 kg weight of the system is comfortably distributed […]

Polytherm Suit

Polytherm Suits are used to assist in regulating the wearer’s body temperature in unfavourable conditions. The special insulating fabrics help to keep the wearer warm in cold environments, and equally […]

Rescue Vest

Despite its obvious benefits in regards to protection, durability and mobility powered armour does have some distinctive drawbacks. One of the most obvious is its negative buoyancy, not only on […]