GA55 Accurised Finisher

The GA55 is a dedicated marksman’s weapon based on General Armaments’ Finisher 10mm assault rifle. Manufactured to even tighter tolerances and sporting a new barrel to go with the selective […]

GA Slim Saw

The Slim Saw is a compact squad support weapon specifically designed with urban combat in mind. The ceramic barrel has been greatly reduced in length compared to other heavy automatic […]

Armour Selfdestruct

In many low intensity conflict zones a main concern of the security apparatus is the capture of advanced combat equipment by opposing forces. Self destruct systems for powered armour, such […]

Rocket Shells

Chambered for 10 gauge shotguns, these shells encase miniature rockets, which ignite upon leaving the barrel. They significantly improve range, with only a small trade-off in stopping power from a […]


The order for the Guru class ambulance came directly from Karma’s LAD division. With the inherent limitations placed on air mobility in the most heavily built-up sectors of Mort there […]

12.7mm Bullseye Ammunition

These large calibre bullets contain miniaturised cameras and transmitters for providing unparalleled live-feed point-of-view combat footage. With this, gun fighting becomes actually interesting. A single round of 12.7mm Bullseye ammunition […]


A heavy duty semi-automatic pistol chambered for 12mm rounds, the GA13 delivers superior firepower in a compact package. The pistol’s fully ceramic barrel and composite frame keep its weight down […]