The Hector Missile/Rocket is a mobile launch platform based on the Hector. It can carry five guided missiles or up to twenty dumb-fire rockets in separate launch tubes installed on […]


The Hector Mobile Artillery is a self propelled gun variant of BLA’s successful Hector design. Unconventional for an artillery vehicle, the Hector-MA mounts two guns on an automated rear turret. […]


The Hector Support is another variant of the Hector six-wheeled combat vehicle. The vehicle features light structural reinforcement to the front hull, with the automated defence turret being absent. The […]

Hector Protector

The Hector P is a light tank based on the same six-wheeled chassis as the Hector A infantry carrier. The armour, especially on the front, is upgraded and the ball-turret […]

Hector Assault Vehicle

The Hector A is a light six-wheeled armoured personnel carrier. The crew of two consists of a driver and a commander/gunner and is seated in the front of the vehicle. […]