Armour Shock Brace

This after-market modification to powered armours adds an additional level of protection by reinforcing the power chassis and having it lock down defensively when registering major impacts. Adding Armour Shock […]

Open Circulatory Armour

Originally envisioned as an environmental protection suit for vevaphons, the Open Circulatory Armour concept has been adapted for use by other races – within limits. The power chassis, 3000 hour […]

Conquest Combat Helmet

The Conquest is an advanced fully enclosed combat helmet. It consists of two pieces, with the faceplate connecting via a series of ten physically and magnetically locking bolts. Both are […]

Gelinjection System

This modification for full suits of powered armour injects shock absorbent gel into the suit after donning. The gel prevents impact trauma from hits stopped by the armour, by dissipating […]

Combat Video Helmet

Based in part on the Video Helmet mobile entertainment system by Roth, the Combat Video Helmet integrates the sealed audio-visual environment design in an armoured casing of laminated ceramics. Four […]


This quilted shock-absorbent garment is meant to be worn with powered armour to reduce the risk of concussion damage caused by heavy impacts on the outer shell of the power […]

Injection Port

Heavy, sealed armour and the need for parenteral drug administration do not go well together. One way of addressing this problem is in the form of armour modification providing quick […]


This robust light power armour is optimised for extended operations. Though boasting reinforced ceramics to withstand more punishment without risk of systems failure both the protective qualities of the suit […]