Blood III

Another evolution of the non-incendinary thermal weapons concept, the Blood III sits on the low temperature side of things thermal but makes up for using gobs of a viscous red […]

KPS Render Shot-SMG

The Render Shot-SMG combines the unrivaled stopping power of 10 gauge with the rate of fire of a smaller standard calibre SMG in a compact and highly controllable assault weapon […]

Geyser Gun

AT Corp set their subsidiary Saga Arms the task of contesting the rapidly evolving market for non-incendinary thermal weapons. A task Saga Arms succeeded at admirably with the Geyser Gun, […]

Tropical Gun

Beach Boy Arms hits the market for non-incendinary thermal weapons with their scalding water/vapor sprayer, the aptly named and brightly patterned Tropical Gun. Sporting a rather bulky rifle frame, due […]


The Steamo is marketed as an environment and infractucture friendly alternative to flamethrowers for use in room clearing and general combat in densely built-up urban and industrial terrain. Outwardly, it […]

12.7 mm R Underbarrel Launcher

One step up from the 12.7 mm pistol version, this is the second entry in Crateris’ “Killshot”-inspired series of auxilliary firepower attachments, adding the capability to fire a single large […]


This easy to use compact, one-shot combat acid thrower provides most of the joy of burning your opponents without any of the hassle of having to deal with the Fire […]

12.7 mm P Underbarrel Launcher

Inspired by the “Killshot” Circuit show, Crateris’ series of auxilliary firepower attachments – of which the 12.7 mm pistol cartridge one is the first and lightest – adds the capability […]

Quick Sight

The large free holographic projection output (tri-lens video input) of this weapon sight allows a shooter to benefit even on quick reaction shots which would leave little room to use […]