[English] Stairwell Guardian – a new martial archetype for D&D

Stairwell Guard 1
Eins zum Anderen:

yandere: Für einen kurzen Moment hast du mir ja Hoffnung gemacht, dass noch jemand außer mir neue D&D-Subklassen baut. Ich meine, ich kann mir kaum vorstellen, was ein Treppenkämpfer eigentlich könnte.
blut_und_glas: Challenge accepted.

Die Regeln gibt es in der englischen Version des Artikels für D&D 5.

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  1. I think the concept is great, but the abilities could be a bit broader.

    *Two Steps at a Time could work with all difficult terrain.
    *Shove Down with every high ground.
    *Shielding Wall with every wall.

    These abilities would still work on the stair, but could be used in other situations as well giving the subclass an broader appeal.


    1. Well, it was you who ordered a stairwell fighter. I am just working to specification.

      But one could always do a more generalist version, say, an archetype generally focusing on the defense of structures? A „castle defender“ or, following up from there, a „manor lord“, something like that?

      (That of course, then begs for a „siege master“ to oppose them…)


      1. Well, my point was not so much about to generalize the structure but to give the abilities a broader appeal.
        A good example for this is the second ability of the crossbow expert feat, which works with any ranged weapon including ranged spell attacks. Sure the feat works best with crossbows, but it has broader appeal.
        I think the stairwell guardian could have worked similar: Best on stairs, but this useful in other situations.

        I think the ability of a siege master sounds great. I am unsure however if that would be better as feat then a whole subclass.


  2. It’s the usual tightrope between broadening appeal and losing focus.

    If the stairs make room for more general architectural features, care should probably be taken to make the class abilities not into something that works always (in a dungeon environment at least).


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