[English] STABC – an alphabetic exercise

Durch Timberweres Karnevalsthema „Stimmung“ habe ich das Gefühl, dass dieser Monat wieder sehr sprachbesessen werden wird.

Aber um den Karneval soll es jetzt gar nicht gehen. Stattdessen widme ich mich sprachlichen Fingerübung im Buchstabieren…

…zur Einstimmung.

Und auf englisch.

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  1. Sorry to bend this in the direction of Earthdawn, but STH – Sexually Transmitted Horror just opens sooo many creepy possibilities…


    1. Indeed it does! (And no need to be sorry about bringing it up!)

      While there is the precedent of the dread iotas for horrors themselves taking the form of pathogens, the first route I would go would probably be a unique horror mark that can be shared/passed on via sex (it might actually „wander“ instead of spread – so the original host becomes free of it by pushing it onto a partner, creating additional guilt and misery; this also reminds me of an older concept I have lying about here somewhere where a horror mark is transmitted via breast milk).


  2. The idea of a Horror Mark passed on through intercourse is incredibly intriguing, especially regarding the psychological ramifications on the former host – technically free from the Horror’s direct influence, but still full of guilt and anguish. Or perhaps cold and uncaring and prone to contract the Mark this way again.

    The idea of Horror influence spread through breast milk I’d rather interpret in the way of drug addiction, with a bloatform-like creature consisting almost only of dripping teats. Maybe think of it as a more terrifying version of Futurama’s Slurm and the Wormulon Queen…


    1. Concerning the wandering mark, perhaps passing it on is not automatic but requires a test, with the test getting easier (via a step bonus perhaps) each time the marked character is with the same partner. This could be used to further reinforce the theme of guilt/anguish/betrayal by having the marking happen in longer relationships instead of during one night stands.


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