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    1. Yes, definitely. A number of science fiction games/setting, actually.


      1. I have some questions.
        1. An easy one: How do the nanites enter the body?
        2. A more interesting one: How do the nanites leave the body after their work is done with their carried material e.g. cancer cells?

        Now you need a plot hook for an adventure ?

        Some nanites biosamplers are stolen from a hospital. A relative of a player character lies in this hospital and need a nanites biosampler because it is needed for the determination of a tumor.

        Who stole the nanite biosampler and why?
        A.) A poser gang. They want to use it on their idol and use the DNA of their idol to recreate their own bodies.
        B.) A industrial espionage spy to use it on living animals to get their DNA, so these animals or cells for meat can be cloned by a rival corporation.
        C.) A ripper-doc or medtechie to use them on persons in a specific area to proof that these all are poisoned by the environment.
        D.) A mad techie, who wants to manipulate the nanites to carry something into the body and drop it there.


        1. Day of Replying to Comments 1/x:

          1: It’s SLA Industries. Needles are everywhere. So: Injection. Like almost everything else. And yes, the advertising is intentionally misleading. The sampling itself might be non-invasive, but the pre-sampling procedure (the injection of the nanites) certainly is invasive.

          2: Located via imaging and then extracted (another case of misleading advertisment – as the extraction as a post-sampling procedure is also invasive). The nanites do relocate to some peripheral area close to the surface though.


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